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Alexandria coastline with Hosni Mubarak Picture !!!

Alexandria: Surprisingly, Alex is more beautiful than I thought. The hotel that we stayed was right on the coastline. The road along the coastline is approximately 32 km long. Alex is the 2nd largent cities in Egypt with 5 mil registered population. Our tour guide said that it would be as much as 20 million people here during the summer time. It was built to commemorate of Alexander the Grate 323 BC.

It’s such a pity that the buildings are built unfinished and coastline café were old and filthy. Can’t imagine we were on the Mediterranean coastline and closed to Greece. The paradise of Mediterranean.

Alexandria – Kom El Shaqafa: Our first visit was at the underground cemetery built by Roman and was voted for world wonder for middle age. There are 3 levels but we can only visit 2 levels ‘cas the 3rd one was filled with underground water. It’s an okay place. People who love underground things would like it. For me who has an allergy problem, it was a bit painful since the air is moist and damp (ผ้าปิดปาก is recommended). We spend around 20 minutes underground. We passed through the ช่องใส่โลงศพ which was scary. I walked very fast to get passed it quickly.

Alexandria – Pompey pillar: It’s the stone pillar that was left. There is 2 small sized sphinxes lying in front of the pillar. It’s a simple site yet it’s our first time to see real sphinx so we took loads of photo (as pictures)

Alexandria – Citadel of Quitbay: It’s an old fortress built around 300 years ago. The wall is about 2 meter thickness. (as pictures)

Alexandria – Alexandria Library: It’s once claimed to be the largest library in the world (2,000 years ago). The original was built in Cleopatra period to keep all documents from around the world. Sadly, it was burnt down and rebuilt. New library exterior is modern with the wall filled with alphabet from around the world. Every tourist will spend time looking to find their own language. For Thais, it was a word called ผู้ given by HRH Princess. She spent about 7 hours in
the library