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Taxi in Cairo. 20 years old Fiat in black & white color

Cairo: We went during November; therefore, the weather was nice. It's warm in the sun light and cold at night. Cairo is beautiful more than I fist thought. On the east side, there were unfinished construction buildings and apartments which I later learned that they were actually finished buldings ('cas of the high tax. they wouldn't finished their construction. They would leave it unfinished with bricks wall). On the west, it's the land of the death. It's the cemetery; however, currently poor people leave there 'cas of cheap rental. Well, they are living with the death (about 1 mil people leave there).

My favorite part was to watching Cairo traffic. Everyone ran through the red light. No one seems to care about road regulations. Noises of the honking horns were everywhere. The bus would stop anyplace that their customers want them to stop. Bus stations were ignored. Their taxis are real classic. Most of them are about 20 years dated (see picture). Color of taxi represents the city location. Black & White is in Cairo while yellow is for Alexandria.

Cairo - Alexandria: We were on the bus to Alex. There are fortresses with soldiers along the way after leaving Cairo. They are here to protect tourists. It’s a bit frightened at first but you will get used to 'cas there would be lots of soldiers in tourist places. Along the roadside, there would be Olive and Dates Tree. We took a road named “desert road” and arrive Alex about 2-3 hours later.

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