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Egypt National Museum

Egypt National Museum
Egypt National Museum: Most tourists will spend time in Mummy Room and 2nd floor for Tuttakamen room. I first refused to go into Mummy room but husband insisted. He said that it’s once in a lifetime. There are about 15 Mummies in the room. Some still has hair, teeth and nails. It’s amazing that these mummies are formed about 5,000 year ago. Well, it’s not that scary at last.

On the 2nd floor are filled with Tuttakarmen personal items. It’s a belief of ancient Egyptian to put all Pharaoh personal items including their organs with him for his reborn. We’d seen the 1st boomerang, condoms, folding chairs and Tuttakarment underwear. Finally, we went into the Tuttakarmen room. There are golden mask made with real gold weight 11 kg and golden coffin weight 100 kg. The mask was so stunning. I was standing there looking at it with unbelievable …. How can the ancient people can make these kind of things. The gold was so smooth and the color was still fresh. After leaving the room, we went downstairs to check out some others key items at the museum and one was the statue that look so real ‘cas they had put the real glass into the eyes. It’s so real when you looked into their eyes. Overall, I think it’s very interesting museum; however, it has a poor management. People can sometimes touch the items and caused the damage.

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  1. Condom.. did you just said the first condom? Wow.. didn't know that it was invented thousands of years ago. No pictures of the inside?