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Felucca and Khan Al Khalili Market

Felucca is a traditional boat using in the Nile river. It can fit from 1 – 15 people. We went on the ride around 17:00 while the sunset. The view was spectacular but unluckily there were no wind on that day; therefore, our fisherman will need to row the boat himself.

Before leaving Egypt, we had a bit of shopping at Khan Al-Khalili Markets. There are hundreds of shop selling similar products from essential oil to home decorative in Egypt Styles. Recommended gifts are real papyrus, essential oil and Egypt cotton. You can find real papyrus at the factory guarantee by government. It costs about 3 times more expensive than the fake ones; however, it last for over thousand years though. You can have your name written on it. We had our nick-names on it (see pictures). At the market, it’s very cheap and good for souvenirs. Essential oil is another good-gifted product. It’s the 100% extraction of the flower and herb. There are 3 kinds of scents (flower, blended and others). Popular scent are Egypt lotus, Mint and Secret of Dessert. Lastly, it’s the Egyptian cotton where you can find at the market. Please ask your tour operator or local guide for T-Shirt embroidery with Katus (Pharaoh Symbol). For tattoo lovers, you can try henna paint on your body or hands at Khan Al-Khalili Markets.