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Bangkok, Thailand


Welcome to Egypt by Egypt Air

Money Exchange Booth in the Airport

Welcome to Egypt !!!!

Believed that Egypt is one of desired place for every traveller. I planned this trip with my husband and we decided to visit only the lower Egypt in fear of terrorists, poor road condition, and poor standard Nile cruise (which we were wrong about this....).

We flew from Bangkok, Thailand directly to Cairo, Egypt by Egypt Air. Better than expected, the seats are huge enough to tuck yourself in at night flight. Worse than expected, the plane was a bit run down i.e. torn armchair and seating. They provided fundamental services i.e. food, drink, blanket and etc. However, they did not provide special amenities i.e. eye patch, toothpaste, socks and etc. Oh, there is no personal in-flight entertainment and movie programs weren’t updated. Flight time was round 9 – 10 hours.

Immigration: Service was poor. We arrived around 6:00 am and had to wait 1.30 hrs for VISA on arrival. Our tour leader claimed that there was a misinformation about our tour group (suggested you to have your VISA ready from your countries and ensure you have someone process for you at the Airport).

Money exchange: You can exchange money from the Airport (see pictures). It's located in the arrival hall. We exchanged for USD 450 (2 people) and could last for 5 days (our tour include meals and entrance fees).